Family Law


Family law and related issues, like divorce law, vary from state to state. Most divorce processes involve filing a complaint, petitioning your spouse and appearing in court, should you not be able to come to an agreement. The bottom line is that, if you have to go through this stressful process, you should be sure that you have hired a professional family law attorney who will provide you with the information and legal guidance you need.

Going through a divorce can be incredibly painful. Our goal at Thomas W. Kurzynski J.D., LLC is to minimize conflict and come to an agreement that will help you finalize your divorce case.

Child Custody & Support

The term legal custody refers to the legal right of a parent to make decisions on behalf of his or her child. These major life decisions include: whether the child will be allowed to join the military or marry before the age of 18; whether the child will be allowed to obtain a drivers license; what religion the child will practice, etc., joint legal custody, the parents of the child are typically able to come to an agreement on these decisions.

Issues can arise when it comes to physical placement and child support. In order to prevent future disagreements, we at Thomas W. Kurzynski J.D., LLC feel it is imperative that a court hearing be held to specify when exactly the child will be placed in the mother's care and when exactly the child will be placed with the father. Call the experienced professionals at Thomas W. Kurzynski J.D., LLC to help settle your child custody and support case. Your child(ren) deserve it.

We also can offer legal representation to the parents in TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) cases.

Maintenance (formerly known as Alimony)

What is maintenance?

Maintenance is the financial support provided by the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse. Post separation, the terms to describe the money the supporting spouse will pay the dependent spouse such as maintenance, temporary maintenance, or permanent maintenance can be decided among the parties or in a court hearing.

Do I qualify for maintenance?

In order to qualify for maintenance, the hopeful dependent spouse must show that his or her quality of life is substantially affected by the divorce. It must also be proven that the other spouse makes more money than the spouse requesting maintenance and/or was the primary bread winner that the requesting spouse relied upon for financial support.

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are in the Milwaukee or surrounding areas and looking for an attorney to draft and/or litigate your prenuptial agreement, Thomas W. Kurzynski J.D., LLC can help. A prenuptial agreement is a document that outlines the rights, responsibilities and property of each party in the event of a divorce, separation or death. The document is to be signed by both parties and it's designed to provide protection and comfort to both spouses.

These agreements are serious documents that outline your financial future in the event of death or divorce. It can waive maintenance and child support. To be sure that your prenuptial agreement is handled properly, call our office. You deserve the very best.

CSSW (Formerly BMCW) CHIPS and CPS

Being separated from your child(ren) whether justly or unjustly is never an easy position to be in for both the child(ren) and the parents. Here at Thomas W. Kurzynski J.D., LLC our expertise extends to working with CSSW (Formerly BMCW) CHIPS and CPS cases to help reunite families without too many emotional or physical ramifications that can be detrimental to a family.

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